Agrolink project is an online platform for direct interaction between the supplier and the agrarian.

Basic facts

Smart search on the issue and the active substance

Budget cost calculator for plant protection prodacts

Online procurement automation

Agile commercial discount policy

Agrolink is a convenient agro-purchase in a smartphone

We unite all producers of fertilizers, plant and seed protection products in order to simplify the search for the right products. We conduct a unique market analysis that helps farmers remain competitive in the long term in a complex agricultural economy.

At the same time, we create new opportunities for all participants in agro-industrial trade. We use the full potential of mobile communications to effectively search for goods and make smart business decisions.

Next steps

We are building an online hypermarket for farmers and manufacturers. In the near future – the addition of partners-manufacturers of equipment, online transactions, crop insurance, financing of purchases.

For Farms

Daily tool in purchasing agricultural products and services

For the manufacturer

Increase sales without allocating additional resources.

Traffic increase

Agrolink is a young startup

At the end of 2020, the platform was officially released. Since then, we are actively developing on the Internet among buyers and sellers. For us, the most important thing is the growth of organic search traffic on Google.