Project Aventine

Aventine is a project of an industrial park in the port logistics city of Mykolaiv, Ukraine.

Aventine will allow you to combine storage, production, assembly and logistics operations into a single customs area, and profitably sell products to consumer markets. The implementation of the project will open the way to new perspectives.

Basic facts

Opportunity to create an industrial park on the territory

Availability of clients to download the terminal

Experience in the construction and management of terminals

32.4 ha of land in private ownership in the Mykolayiv city

Increase in gross collection and exports


  1. Creation of new logistics and production facilities;
  2. Production of processed products with additional cost;
  3. Increase in tax revenues to the local budget;
  4. The project will allow exporting producers to optimize the delivery of products to consumer markets;
  5. Reducing the cost of the logistics component during imports for consumers in the central parts of the country;
  6. More than 500 jobs;
  7. Increasing the attractiveness of the country by attracting foreign investment;
  8. Increasing the competitiveness of Ukrainian products in the world market.

Visualization of the complex

Construction of the complex

All stages of construction, from the preparatory period and dredging works to the connection of the network and railway transport, take 18 months.