Deep freezing

The Quick-Frozen (IQF) is a project for fast and deep freezing of vegetables, fruits, and berries in the Odesa region.

Key facts

High-quality equipment from world-renowned companies

Saving time and capital through the full logistics cycle

Freezing fruits, vegetables and berries from local farms

Plant in Illichanka, Odesa region.

  1. The project will be put into operation in the 2022/2023 season using equipment from world-renowned companies.
  2. The plant will be located in Odesa region, Ukraine.
  3. Full-cycle logistics services within one company, which saves the client time and capital.

Advantages of the location

The city is located near the main agricultural and industrial regions of Ukraine.

Close proximity to port areas:
○ Odesa port
○ Black Sea port
○ Mykolaiv port


The proximity to agricultural enterprises speeds up the logistics of perishable raw materials.

Sea ports

Proximity to three seaports for easy exports to target markets in the EU, America and the Middle East.


Shock freezing technology

The process of freezing a product consists of three stages:

  1. from +20 to 0°C;
  2. 0 to -5°C;
  3. from -5 to -18°C.