Agro-Forum-2 SC

Grown crops

650 ha 1,015 ha 2,182.5 ha

Agro-Forum-2 SC is located in Beryslav district, Osokorivka village, Kherson region.

The company is the first in the district and the second in the region.

The nearest railway station is 40 km from the farm.

The nearest elevator is 30 km.

The distance to the port of Nikolaev is 200 km.

14 500

Annual production volume, tons


Number of fields under irrigation, ha

3 860

Total number, ha
Beryslav district, Osokorivka village, 
Kherson region


2 Lenina street, Beryslavsky district, Osokorivka village, Kherson region,Ukraine, 74210

(067) 548-5127